Regulations, Policies & Fees

For the mutual protection and benefit of itself and every holder of a right of interment, the following Rules and Regulations are adopted for Visitation Cemetery. These Rules and Regulations are adopted in accordance with Oregon Revised Statues, 97.710. All Internment Right owners and visitors within the cemeteries, and all Rights of Internments sold, shall be subject to said Rules and Regulations and subject further to such other Rules and Regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by this Cemetery from time to time; and the reference to these Rules and Regulations in the Right of Interment Certificate and/or Conditional Sales Contract shall have the same force and effect as set forth in full therein.

Conduct of Persons Within the Cemetery

  • Minors on Premises. All children under the age of 15 shall not be permitted within the cemetery or its buildings unless accompanied by a person to be held liable for their conduct.
  • Flowers. All persons are prohibited from picking flowers, wild or cultivated, or cutting or breaking trees, shrubbery, or plants in the cemetery.
  • Firearms. No Firearms shall be permitted within the Cemetery except at military services or by special permission from the Cemetery.
  • Supervision. The Visitation Parish pastor or designee shall supervise and exercise overall persons visiting or passing through the Cemetery.
  • Closure. The cemetery is closed between dusk and dawn each day and at other times as designated by the cemetery committee and duly posted.

Visitation Cemetery is one mile north of the Visitation Catholic Church near the end of Visitation Road. The three-acre cemetery is operated under the auspices of the Visitation Cemetery Committee including:

Lyle Spiesschaert | Chair

Leo Duyck | Vice-Chair

John Braxmeyer | Secretary

Sandy Scott | Member

Jeff Williams | Member

Capital outlay and operating expenses are covered by the sale of plots, donations, and interest from the Visitation Cemetery Endowment Fund. The committee kindly accepts tax-deductible contributions sent to the address below. Please remember the cemetery in your will or trust.

Visitation Cemetery

4285 NW Visitation Road

Forest Grove, OR 97116

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