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In January of 2021 we began working with Visitation Cemetery to create the best possible Cemetery Website/Software and Mapping solution for the small cemetery located in Verboort Oregon. The initial goal for this project was to create a mapping software that could give you directions to a specific plot, pages for all interred, donation pages, and general pages with information about Visitation Cemetery.

One of the biggest issues that many cemeteries have today is finding where your loved ones are buried. Websites like Billion Graves or Find a Grave are useful, but because they are mostly community driven they may not contain accurate information. And it relies on the GPS on smartphones it could show a specific plot hundreds of feet off from where it actually is located.

Our Solution

The solution that we created for Visitation's Cemetery gave their volunteers the capability to create their own interactive cemetery map that was editable, ease of use, using drone/satelite imagery and digitized historical records that the cemetery had. This map gave the volunteers more capability for cemetery management like the current sale of plots and historical information that they could easily access.

Along with the map each interred get their own page that contained information unique to them. Such as images, videos, obituaries, and memories that loved ones had that they shared. Because each interred get their own page it becomes searchable on search engines like Google or Bing. Many cemetery solutions out there do not offer this capability.

Free Trial

Contact us for a free trial. The best way to see if this software will work for you is to try it out! The Free Trial lasts for 14-days. During this time your cemetery will not be visible to the public its only for you and testing purposes.

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Every cemetery is different and has different needs. Because of this we do not have a set price for our software. We will work with you to determine what your needs are and give you a quote based on that. We do offer a one time setup fee and a monthly or yearly website hosting subscription.

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