William A Vandyke

Cemetery:Visitation Cemetery in Forest Grove, Oregon
Birth:Fri Apr 13 1877
Death:Sun Mar 15 1942
Plot #SW252


William August VanDyke


Born April 12, 1877,  DePere, Wisconsin 
Died March 15, 1942, Verboort, Oregon


Bill was a lifelong farmer, raising wheat, oats, and barley, as well as cherries walnuts and filberts. Like most farmers of the era, he grew most of what his family needed including hogs, cows, and chickens.


Bill and his sons started the first commercial grain cleaner in the Verboort area in 1930.  He had invented an auger that fed the grain onto a canvas which he patented in 1935.  He later sold the patent rights.


Bill's father Theodore, passed his love of music to his son. Bill played cornet in a series of bands in the late 1890's to the late 1920's, including the Verboort Orchestra and Verboort Catholic Band. A photo exists of him seated with a base drum, posing with other members of a band that was described as being quite good, and in high demand.  Bill in turn passed his interest in music down to his children, who all played in bands, including The Nightingales and The Swing Melodians.


 (Several newspaper articles were written following his death. 
Following text is from a March 18, 1942 newspaper article)


Death Takes W. VanDyke of Verboort

Forest Grove, March 18--  William August VanDyke, farmer of the Verboort district for 64 years, died suddenly Sunday. Worry over loss of his sons, called into service, leaving the operation of his big farm on his hands, is believed to have aggravated a heart condition.  High requiem mass was said Wednesday at St. Francis Catholic Church of Roy with the Reverend Mathus Jonas, the Rev. Joseph Saal, and the Rev. Edmund Vanderzanden on the altar.  St.James church choir of McMinnville sang.  Burial was in Verboort cemetery.  VanDyke came with his parents from DePere, Wisconsin to Verboort five years after five families had bought the big tract of land, which they named Verboort, establishing the parish.  He was three years old, was reared in the parish, attending its school, and on May 5, 1908, married Alice Cecilia Evers, a descendant of one of the first families, who survives him.  There are eight children.  Julius of Carlton, Robert of North Fork, Texas; Mrs Julius (Irene) Moore of Cornelius,  Cyril, Stanley, Ervin, Esther and Mrs. Martin (Evelyn) Herb of Forest Grove.  There are three sisters: Mrs.William Verboort, Mrs. W. Vandervelden and Mrs. Albert Jansen, and two brothers: Henry and John VanDyke, all of Verboort and vicinity. 


Excerpts from other articles:

Prosperous Farmer Dies in Sleep: Community Shocked

Verboort-- The people of Verboort were shocked by the sudden death of William VanDyke who died Sunday morning at 7:45. Mrs. VanDyke, up earlier, went to the bedroom to call Mr. Van Dyke and found him dead.  Mr. VanDyke was 64 years old and a prosperous farmer of Verboort.


"..Mr. VanDyke died at his farm home Sunday morning, in sleep.  He had complained of chest pains Saturday morning, but was apparently well before retiring Saturday night..." 

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Parents of William VanDyke: 
Theodore VanDyke and Mary Bernards VanDyke

Henry (born 1872, died 1944) 
John (born 1873, died 1957) 
Walter (born 1876, died 1940) 
William (born 1877, died 1942) 
Annie (born 1880, died 1965) 
Nellie (born 1882, died 1954) 
Dora (born 1886, died 1955)

William VanDyke and Alice Evers were married May 5, 1908


Their children:
Julius "Juke" 
Irene  (Mrs. Julius  "Spud" Moore)
Evelyn "Curly"  (Mrs. Martin Herb)
Ervin  "Blackie"
Robert "Bud" 
Esther  (Mrs Edward Seus)



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