Francis J Vanhandel

Cemetery:Visitation Cemetery in Forest Grove, Oregon
Birth:Thu Apr 02 1903
Death:Mon Feb 01 1993
Plot #SW166


She referred to herself as Frances, but those of us who loved her called her "Francie." The name "Francie" is a young girls name and so was she. Although she lived for almost 4 score and ten years and her body failed her, her spirit did not. She viewed life at 80 with same innocence she did at 20 and that was her gift. No matter what her task, she had a good time accomplishing it and it was a joy for the rest of us to observe her, Her enthusiasm was contagious. We who spent time with Francie, did a lot of laughing, she was such fun!
Francie was competitive -- she was an avid card player, she liked to fish, enjoyed entering contests and watched TV game shows. She was very proud of winning a spelling bee in the 4th grade. We have her framed certificate.
For many years, Francie made quilts for charity -- lots of them went to Mexico and quite a few covered her own precious nieces and nephews. We treasure the ones we have.
Francie was comfortable with people of all ages; she related to teenagers as easily as to those of her own generation.
Indeed, life was a joy to Francie. She loved her church, her extended family and most of all, her "George."
We can only imagine what a good time she is having now and are certain that the circle of loved ones surrounding her are smiling at the stories she surely must be telling.

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