Joseph Moore

Is a Veteran
Cemetery:Visitation Cemetery in Forest Grove, Oregon
Death:Sun Jan 01 1911
Plot #SW390


Joseph & Mary Moore


Joseph A. Moore, was born 1841 in Perryville, Missouri, and Mary (Kenny) Moore, was born 1839 in Perryville, Missouri.


They were married there in 1866. They came to Oregon in 1881, from Spirit Lake, Iowa with their six children (Judith, Serena, Hugh, twins Joseph and Margaret, and Pius) settling in Buxton, Oregon. Early on, the went by horse and wagon to Sunday Mass at Visitation Church in Verboort, staying overnight with relatives or friends. Later, they moved to Verboort. Their three daughters all joined the Sisters of Charity of Providence, and son Pius became a Jesuit priest in 1915. Son Hugh married Minnie VanderZanden, and son Joseph married Nettie Kersten, settling in Roy. Joseph A. Moore died in 1911, and Mary Kenny Moore died in 1917.

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