Janice Lee Hopper

Cemetery:Old Scotch Church Cemetery in Hillsboro, Oregon
Birth:Tue Aug 11 1936
Death:Mon Oct 30 2023
Plot #RI-11


Janice Lee Hopper completed this life's journey on October 30, 2023. She was a remarkable human being that provided all who knew her with a shining example of how to live one's life with positivity, generosity and resolve.
Janice was born in August of 1936. She loved animals from her earliest years living on a ranch outside of Meeteetse, Wyoming. She was told not to give the ranch animals names but did so anyway even though it quickly became apparent that some would end up on the dinner table. She simply couldn't see why anyone wouldn't want to befriend the animals regardless of their ultimate purpose on the ranch. She carried that love through her life. Dogs, cats, and horses were a big part of her world. Janice also loved a good shopping trip, particularly if it involved shoes. She attributed her need to have a generous collection to the fact that she "had an odd size foot" so she never knew when she would be able to find shoes. She was known to enjoy an occasional trip to visit the slot machines when the opportunity presented itself. Janice was also formidable in a card game and seemingly undefeatable at Yahtzee.
Janice had many talents, some of which she utilized to help support her young family. She was an accomplished seamstress who made many of her own clothes as a young adult, and taught classes in sewing for a time. She loved to paint, cross-stitch, needlepoint and sculpt, and took on countless crafting projects late in her life. She was never afraid to keep an open mind and try new things. She understood the importance of staying engaged and continuing to learn and grow.
Janice was an outstanding partner to Ed, her husband of 63 years, whom she met on a blind date. She carried the burden of being sole breadwinner for the couple in the early years of their marriage as Ed was pursuing his education. She did so as a registered nurse, for which she trained at St. Alphonsus in Boise after her graduation from Boise High School in 1954. Janice was always up to the task of being whatever her family needed at any moment: the leader of her household, the disciplinarian, the person who set the standards for her kids, or the calm and capable professional in an emergency.
Those who knew Janice on a more casual basis would quickly and correctly conclude that she was an exemplary wife and mother to her family. Those who knew her well would also say she displayed uncommon persistence, strength, courage and wisdom. Janice was consistently upbeat despite the challenges she faced as she lived with Parkinson's for the last 35 years of her life. She faced several other challenges late in her life as her body began to fail her, but she always had the will to persevere. While it isn't a word people would commonly associate with her given her kind and generous nature, it wouldn't be a stretch to say she was tough. In the end, nothing that came her way defeated her indomitable spirit or dimmed the shining light she brought to this world.
Janice was preceded in death by Ed, her lifelong partner and soulmate. She will be greatly missed by her children Cindy, Doug, Scott and Hiedi, her sons in-law and daughters-in-law Joel, Teresa, Mindy and Scott; her grandchildren Nathan, Aaron, Ali, Kristin, Dustin, Mark, Alex, Meghan and Sydney; and her great-grandchildren Kyler, Bruce, Makayla, Lucille, Heidi, Hardy, Cole, Charlie and Jack. Janice is also survived by her sister Connie, in Alabama, and a large family of Hopper in-laws in Idaho and around the country.
A memorial service will be held on November 18, 2023, at 10:30 a.m. in Willamette Hall at Mirabella, 3550 Bond Avenue, Portland, OR 97239. A reception will follow the service.
In lieu of flowers, those so inclined are encouraged to donate to the OHSU Parkinson Center. https://give.ohsufoundation.org In the "Choose a Fund" pulldown, select "Other Area."
In the "Search for Specific Fund" field, enter "Parkinson."

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